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Goals of the Authors Write Back program Children who read a book may be encouraged to write to the author. If your library provides a display of books whose authors who have agreed to write back, that provides even more motivation. When a child receives a personal letter fron an author, it inspires and excites them about books.

Author promise: To respond with a written letter to any child reader who reads one of our books and writes to us.

Librarian/Staff member promise: To promote the program, curate what books are available, and provide a safe conduit for letters between the child and author. This may require obtaining permission from the school or parents as deemed necessary, as well as sending and receiving letters. Donations for book acquisition or postage might need to be solicitied from parents, teachers, or local groups.

Participation is free, and may be discontinued at any time by contacting the Authors Write Back coordinators.

While we need all of these eventually, if you simply want more information for now, include at least the school, librarian and email:
Schoool name:

If your library is not in a traditional school setting, please explain below under the additional comments.
Title I or economically stressed school district:
If your school district is unable to acquire any books due to economic circumstances, we may be able to get donors for some books to allow participation in the program.
Librarian name:

While this is usually a librarian or media specialist, it may be any staff member able to carry out the program for a school. If you are an individual classroom teacher, consider coordinating with a librarian to allow shared resources.
Librarian e-mail:

This address will be used to communicate details of the program, as well as a possible newsletter (probably every other month) to let you know of authors joining or leaving the program, or of new books available from the authors.
Librarian mailling address*:

This address should be a school address c/o the Librarian. It will be used by authors writing back to students, as well as a location for donated books in the case of economic need.
Grade levels served:

Please list as K-4 or whatever. Terms like "Elementary" or "Middle School" are not consistent enough.

Additional comments
Please use the following space for additional comments or questions.

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